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Reef89’s Nuvo 10 reef tank


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Hi guys. It’s been a very long time and I am finally happy to say I’m back. It’s been about 10 years now. Anyways I’m starting back up and decided to start with a nuvo 10 which my brother gave me @alvarengadaniel8. So of course I have a nuvo 10 with an a80 Kissel light fixture. I have live sand and live rock. I’m deciding if I should upgrade to a different light fixture later on since I want to get a bunch of different corals, what you guys think? Currently running the stock nuvo Media basket, Just waiting on my intank media and refugium baskets to arrive on Thursday. I have the led grow lights for my cheto. Currently my tank is residing in the garage, while looking for a stand, once I find one I’ll be moving it either to my bedroom or keeping it in the living room, but might need a chiller since it gets really hot in my house. I was looking at the CSXC-1 AQUARIUM since it’s small and I can hide it more, if you guys have any suggestions about a chiller I’d love to hear it. I tested my water yesterday night and so far everything is going accordingly. I am also looking for a RO/DI system so I can make and mix my own saltwater. I know it’s not much but I am super stoked And can’t wait to start my own legit reef tank! Already want to go buy a bigger tank lol. I couldn’t afford the equipment back then to have the corals I wanted and now I can;). Here are my pics of the tank, let me know what you guys think, or have any tips on what I need. Will update you guys on every step of the way.Like I said earlier I am happy to be back on here. Thank you for checking it out.


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