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I thinking of buying a second system as my the MyAQUA 1900 has been great but unfortunately the system isn't made in the US and the needed filters have been difficult to obtain. So I'm looking for suggestions on a system that can produce a fair amount of GPH/GPD as I do ten percent water changes weekly for a 200 gallon total tank set up.
I’m surprised the filters are different than normal I guess?
It has four filters the first being a fine filter that I was able to find. Then it has two different carbon filters labeled as C1 and C2. I was able to purchase the C2 filters and assumed I could just use two C2 filter since I can't source the C1 filters anywhere. Even after contacting the manufacturer and their one distributor in the US. Unfortunately I was still reading 6-8 TDS. I'm waiting on a new membrane filter that should be here in the next day or two. I figured if that doesn't work I should already have a good idea on a different system to buy.
Are the cannisters standard 10” housings?
What’s the tds going in? If it’s 350ish 6-8 would be pretty normal post membrane pre DI resin. Post pics of you want help. Can probably make it work for you
So TDS coming in is 288 and coming out is alot higher then it was but now at 24 here are some pictures. I'm not sure what measurements you need but I took some pictures with some measurements and can write them out for you so you don't need to try and see them through a picture.


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If you’re going from 300 to 24 membrane isn’t working properly is my guess.
Yeah that is what I'm hoping for as it is a good system that provides 500gpd for about half the cost of others. Unfortunately it hasn't really hit the states yet and availability to filters seems limited in turn make the system useless .
Ok yeah that’s a little different than I’ve seen. Might be time to get something more standard I guess. Bummer!
Great news this morning the company https://microbelift.com/ reached back out to me today and said they are going to send me four of the filters I need free of charge. The membrane filter should be here today as well. So hopefully with the new membrane I can get my TDS under five and possibly do a water change tonight.