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ROAB digi (fresh cuts)


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For most “old school” reefers in the bay area you will know this coral. It was first introduced to the hobby by a local Reefer that goes by the screen name “Reefer on a budget”. It is a army green/ with lavender tips monti digitata. You can search the inter web to read all about it. It’s getting big and blocking light to other corals, So the time has come to trim this thing.
I’m offering pieces in DBTC, but my rules are very slack. I will most likely NOT need a piece back, (but who knows, never say never) and you can do with it as you wish. But of course it would be nice if you consider passing frags around the club. That’s it for my rules, hit me up if you want a frag. The pictures show multiple different digi’s, (i was trying to graft them together) I’m willing to frag the other colors as well. Just let me know what you like.


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nice offering! I’d like to get a frag in the future if this can spread towards sf. I believe you’re somewhat far from me


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I'd like a frag too.
I remember Reefer on a budget. He had the white Mustang! That was when I was realliy into 'stang's too.