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Salifert Calcium Test Kit Question


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I started using the Salifert Calcium test kit.

Is this correct?

Ca-1 is the indicator dye (Patton and Reeder’s indicator?) You need enough to support the complexometric titration and attached to all of the metal ions, so at least a level spoonful, but it is ok to have a little too much. It won't affect the result. It is just wasteful.

Ca-2 is the hydroxide (NaOH?). This precipitates the Magnesium, but a few extra drops is OK. I find their dropper bottle a POS, but I don't think this matters. I see they recently changed the instructions to use 10 drops instead of 8. Not sure if they diluted the solution to make it safer or just want to make sure people add enough.

Ca-3 is where the accuracy matters. This is the EDTA that is forming the Ca-EDTA.