got ethical husbandry?

The 225 Gal Monster

Arvin R

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Thanks to @Coral reefer for the amazing deal on this tank.

Special thanks to @Srt4eric and @IOnceWasLegend and Eric's friend for helping move the tank!

Cleaning and painting the stand. Then need to repair the Euro bracing early this week. Hopefully have it set in place next weekend and start working on the plumbing.

Sump hopefully arrives this Thursday. I went with a Trigger Systems Triton 44 V2 that was open box on sale from BRS.

Anyone know a local source for black vinyl hoses by the foot?

Leaving the stand on the dollys for another day to give full dry time for the paint.


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Arvin R

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We are a great club!!

What’s the footprint of that beast?
Looks like fun
Looks very heavy
I definitely agree. When people say becoming a supporting member is the best investment in the hobby, they aren't kidding! And I hope that I'm doing my part and carrying that on and helping new members where ever I can!

Its 72Lx30Wx24H. The only thing that would've made it more perfect for me is if it was peninsula. It's definitely heavy.

Arvin R

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Received my sump today but not very happy with the condition. One of the sumps internal baffle walls is cracked near the top and split from the side external wall about 3-4 inches. And a support for the bubble catch tray was broken clean off.

I've emailed BRS and will see what they say. I am probably leaning toward getting some weld on 4 and repairing it myself though.


Coral reefer

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I'll see what they say. It was an open box item but they stated it was like new/unused condition.
No worries on my end, just figured I’d let you know. Might open up your options with them knowing you don’t necessarily need it. What dimensions is that? I can measure the two I have


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I'm still waiting on the dang replacement part from the broken RO unit BRS sent me. First the guy says he'll expedite Monday then I ask yesterday for the tracking number and he said oops he forgot to submit the order. Now the ETA is like Sept 27th.


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