To BOD - Steve Tyree is asking if BAR is interested in Coral farmers Market again with Booth?


Where are all of the items for the set-up located? If I can get it all over here in RWC, Peter and I would be happy to take it all down to the venue, meet Liz on Friday and help set-up. Should we also have the bandsaw and par meter there to show people what they get access to when they join?


Is there a list of BOD positions, and what are the responsibilities? This would give people and idea if they have the time or commitment to take a position.


Hi All,
Peter and I have taken the reins from Bruce on this event. We have never manned the BAR booth so we will need all the guidance we can get from members that have done this before.
1 - @Apon can you send me the info. from Steve so that we can secure a space?
2 - Who has the banner and do we need to get it remade to better reflect the generous sponsors that we currently have?
3 - Should we sell pre-sale tickets?
4 - Do we have shirts to sell at the event?
5 - Do we offer discounted memberships at the event?
6 - What else do we sell at the event?
Cheers! Mark


If we are having a raffle, is there somebody who is in charge of getting donations? Our website says it is Geneva.


Rolf, but depending on his schedule and the limited amount of time you have you may need to help him with that and pound the pavement
Ok, I found a different BOD list.
So Steve @patchin is the event coordinator and Rolf @Corallus is the sponsorship committee chair.
I am not sure of the duties of these positions, But are you guys involved with the booth at the CFM?
Thanks Mark
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Yes maybe, we haven't decide how to deal with this yet. Maybe we have a new person fill the role or maybe we just add it onto a current jobs responsibilities.