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Volunteers Needed! 05/20/23 Cali Kid Regional Frag Swap

Looks like I'll be free and able to make it! I'll help with coral running and policing during picking rounds. And probably setup/take down too.
Sorry everyone, looks like I spoke too soon and won't be able to go. Going to be busy all weekend with home reno work as I have tennants moving into my rental sooner than I thought.
One last ask for volunteers! You'll be getting some Cali Kid store credit for helping out to sweeten the deal.
The forecast for Sat is looking pretty nice- high of 72F and sunny. I hope people can make it.

Please consider volunteering to help if you can. It’s pretty chill and lots of people to answer any questions you may have.
We are going to try out having a DBTC table at this open swap. So if you want, bring some DBTC coral frags in addition to your swap frags. Details in the DBTC table thread-

So looks like I have to take my son to a b day party and can’t make it for set up. But I can help run corals, or help out with whatever when I get there at 11:30. I work at 3 so can’t help clean up.