Volunteers Needed for the 2018 Regional Frag Swap

Coral reefer

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We also really need people to be spreading the word. Tell your friends, post on applicable social media and other forums that are cool with it. Tell your Lfs, wether they are a sponsor or not. Let's make this thing BIG and BADASS!


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Thanks to all who have offered to help. This is how things look. We could still use another for setup and clean up.
One thing that still needs sorting out is food. We have done Pizza in the past. A suggestion was made to get a food truck. Assuming folks are interested, I can get an estimate of the required minimum spend.

1. Setup: @MolaMola, @Bruce Spiegelman
2. Member Check in: @2manyhobbies
3. Bonus Round Check in: @Kim Pattison, @Vhuang168, @Ibn
4. Frag Runner during Setup: @glee
5. Announcer: @Wlachnit
6. Coral Police: @Coral reefer
7. Cleanup: @Wlachnit, @tankguy, @Apon


If you need anymore help my son and I will be there just let us know when. This is our first one on many I’m sure.

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If you need another coral police officer I will offer my services, possibly a frag runner during setup. Or if you're good I'll sit with the common folk :D


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I can help with setup and/or frag runner, plus as needed

I agree with a food truck but I don’t have a suggestion for which one, and pizza is also fine with me :)