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Want to make a difference in this Club? Join the 2016 BOD!


Bay Area Reefers (BAR) is a club for reef aquarists in the San Francisco Bay Area. The primary purpose of BAR is to promote, foster, and encourage education and appreciation for the ethical husbandry and propagation of marine life.

We do this by hosting events that promote propagation of corals and fish, educate people on techniques for improving aquarium husbandry and best of all we do it in a way that is rewarding and fun.

But who plans these events? Who makes this all happen?
The Board of Directors (B.O.D) is made up of members just like you. We are ordinary/extraordinary reef club members who appreciate this club and want to make a positive difference in the club.

Don't be intimidated
I've been on the BOD for about 1 year now. Don't let the term "board of directors" scare you away. It's not a gigantic commitment, but we do need your input. If you want to help influence what kind of events this club has, I definitely recommend joining the BOD. I joined the BOD and wanted to achieve three main things: fun frag swaps, grow-out contests, and fun events.

How much work is involved?
Honestly, it really isn't that hard. The bigger events (frag swaps) usually require planning and set up time but the events we have the rest of the year, there isn't much leg work to do. I'm always surprised and grateful for the non-bod volunteers that help set up our events.
  1. Provide input/ideas/opinions
  2. We Work as a team
    1. Do you have to be at every single event? No, but you do have to go to some of them.
    2. Do you have to do all the work by yourself? No if you need help, ask and we will help.
  3. Help set up events

How often do we meet?
We usually meet at the end of an event. We have events once a month, sometimes once every two months. Example: After the Copepods Presentation, we had a 20 minute meeting. My main goal for event planning is to have fun/rewarding/informative events, so you're already went to the event for a reason. Afterwards,stick around for 10-20 minutes to talk about planning the next event/improvements/etc.

How can I help?

  1. Provide input/come up with ideas in the hidden BOD forum.
    • Examples: Improvements to Member Frag Swaps, Expert Speakers, Fish Food Making Event.
    • You can help shape the events and direction this club has. Might have to e-mail a speaker and invite them to come speak for us. Takes about 15 minutes. Oh my god 15 minutes, so much time commitment.
  2. Webmasters
    • We are always looking for webmasters to help with the website.
    • Are you familiar with our forums Xenforo layout?
    • Think we have too many subforums? Wouldn't it be nice if we had interactive panels on the sides?
BOD Benefits
  • Free BAR membership for your BOD term.
  • Free access to the Club Bandsaw.
  • Influence over club events.
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Below is a formal description of what each position does. It's not as complicated as it sounds. We have been very relaxed with our BOD responsibilities lately.

President -
  • Speaks / networks with neighboring clubs and sponsors
  • Thinks of long-term initiatives to help grow the club
  • Be a leader, one that other BOD members look up up.
Vice President -
  • Connects with people in the industry to help facilitate talks and/or activities for the club
  • Coordinate the logistics of bringing people for talks and/or activities
  • Communicate with other BOD to help achieve and plan for events.
Treasurer -
  • Provide annual projections on income and expenses based on historical data
  • Looks at ways to improve revenues and minimize expenses without inhibiting potential growth of the club
  • Processes expenditures from events
Sponsorship / Public Relations -
  • Establish new and maintain current relationships with both national and local sponsors
  • Facilitate the acquisition of donations for events and contests
  • Debrief new potential sponsors on our sponsorship application process
Secretary / Social Specialist -
  • Record minutes of the meeting
  • Provide daily content to drive memberships and site traffic
  • Run contests that are backed by our sponsors to gain viewership and to better promote our sponsors
Webmaster -
  • Website administration of spam and members
  • Feature / add-on implementation
  • Assist BOD and other members with specific requests
Facilities / Event Coordinator
  • Secure facilities for events and meetings
  • Coordinate the logistics of event locations
  • Coordinate with the Vice President and Sponsorship / Public Relations in executing events
Officer at Large
  • Provide input and ideas for events.
  • Assist the other BOD.
Director of Marketing and Photography
  • Take photos of our events.
  • Helps market this club.
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I have been in this forum for around two years, just wonder to know who is the creator of this forum. :)
This forum is xenforo based.

The previous BOD members created this website and its forum after moving away from the reefcentral board.

On reefcentral people posted For Sale ads all the time which would quickly bump club event threads onto the next page. Our threads would be on the next page and quickly forgotten, So we created this website :)


This forum is xenforo based.

The previous BOD members created this website and its forum after moving away from the reefcentral board.

On reefcentral people posted For Sale ads all the time which would quickly bump club event threads onto the next page. Our threads would be on the next page and quickly forgotten, So we created this website :)
"prior to leaving RC we started the website"

we had our ducks in a row prior to leaving. We had this website up for a spell before leaving. The bumping was a reason, but we also wanted a place for just members to discuss stuff without people from everywhere else chiming in. It was very distracting to the conversations, and we actually had control over the forum, unlike RC, which was another huge selling point.


If you're on the fence about being a BOD member, let me assure you it's rather fun to be involved that deeply with such a diverse group of reefers. The time commitment now if far less then when I was BOD, and I didn't find my time commitment back then was all that much.

Coral reefer

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Anybody wanna see what the BOD is all about? The club can use some more hands to help and some new blood on the board. Looking for someone or some people to possibly fill the sponsorship chair (basically stay in touch with lfs sponsors, coordinate donations and pickups of said donations, and attend 4 BOD meetings per year). This could be split up between two people possibly. If anyone has interest please speak up or reach out via pm. Your club needs you!

Coral reefer

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Ok BAR MEMBERS.... I hate to say it, but the lack of response to this request for help is not going to lead the club to better places. No new board members means that everyone thinks this club is perfect as is and doesn't want anything to change. No new people have even inquire about helping out, which is no only very disappointing to me, but is also bad news I the club. By not expressing interest you have all given your tacit consent for the current BOD to stay on for another year. This is good for continuity sake, but bad as several of us have been on the board several years now, and shouldn't be counted on te stay forever. I know I for one have been hoping to cultivate some new leaders and pass down the knowledge and experience I have gained through my years on the board in hopes that the club will live long and prosper, but I am starting to lose hope. If nobody ever steps up, what will happen when current members get tired of giving their time and energy to the club, don't have time for it anymore, or leave the hobby? The club will either disappear, or fall into a chaotic search for new BOD members that may or may not be found, and will not have any experience to draw on.
When I first joined the BOD it was basically a completely new group, that was bad for the club. I don't want to see that happen again.