Ways to trap fish fast?

Hey all, a few hours ago I saw that my clownfish had some white film on its' back and after asking on humble fish about it, I believe it's Brooklynella.

I'm going to be going to a Petco to pick up a 40 breeder tomorrow and transfer all of my fish from my DT over as I'll be treating them as well.

What's the best way to catch all of the fish? I know my tang would probably swim faster than my hands could go lol


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If the fish are aggressive eaters a fish trap works pretty well. I generally can catch one within minutes.
If you really want to hurry maybe buying or borrowing a big tote and pulling out the rock might be the fastest way to go. Kinda sucks & is brute force but it'll work.


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I use the small fish carrier from petco.
I tape a piece of string to the little opening and put nori or food in it.
It’s also shiny so fish will get in it to fight their reflection.
Keep the opening open and pull on the string to close the opening when a fish gets in.


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Arvin R

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Best method I had was draining the water half way and chasing them into an empty part of the tank and using a divider to keep them there then net or container to scoop them out. I battled with a dottyback for more than half a day before thinking of this.