What did you bring home from the swap?


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Ok, if I saw clams on the tables I definitely would have done some swapping :D

Sweet deal Mike, keep me updated on that Palmer's mille, it's on my shortlist of OG "must haves"


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Mr Pacman Acro
Unknown Acro
Blastos ( Bruce Specials )
Pink zoas
BC Spainbow
Sunset monti
2 giant frags from WFong. I bought those but they are huge


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I got:
WD Tenuis
Avatar chalice
Mr pacman acro
Wanna sex you up mycedium
WWC madman austera
Mystic sunset
Green nepthea
Orange psammacora


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I got -

Green psammocora
Pink birdsnest
Utter Chaos palys
Mohawk palys
Kryptonite candycane
Purple Stylophora
Pink boobies chalice
Red mushroom


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I got...chalices: blue w/ yellow, mummy's eye, red; orange branching psammacora, John Deere leptastrea,
Tubbs Stella branching monti, seasons greetings monti, and a massive German blue monti digi. I was shocked at the variety of corals I received and were all over the tables.
I also tested salinity of each and found a couple very, very low, which I figured was the donor didn't have enough SW and had to dilute, but who knows. I added spoonfuls of QT water to each container and equalized salinity and temp (some took a long time), then put in holding bucket until Monday AM. Students will inspect, dip, and put in QT. They love that job - cleaning with dropper and toothbrush, looking for (and screaming at) weird things under dissecting scope.


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Here's my goodie haul from swapping. Thanks everyone!

- Syphus Pearlberry (Terence)
- Purple polyp Acropora nasuta (Terence)
- Blue Millepora (bondolo)
- J. Fox Cherry Tree Monti (Terence)
- Bowser Paly (glee)
- Chong Bong Zoa (JVU)
- Twizzler Zoa (JVU)
- Mind Blowing Paly (glee)


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The swap was great and I really enjoyed meeting with everyone again. here is what I got from the swap:

-Blue Hornets
-PC Rainbow
-Mummy Eyes Chalice
-WWC Helios