Where can I get some thin, clear plastic cover


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I want to create a cover for my 10 gallon frag tank, cuz I'm losing way to much water and I was wandering where cold I find something.
I found some things at Home Depot but they are a little to thick and I found one that is thin but is to small.
Any ideas?


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How much are you topping off daily? Do you have it set up with an ATO?

Most posts I’ve read involving a lid mention the decrease in gas exchange which can lead to low pH, and below optimal oxygen levels which can hurt fish. If it’s plumbed you your main tank and has a skimmer for gas exchange then you’re fine.

But to answer your question, TAP usually has polycarbonate in the scrap bin that they can then cut to the size you need. I used some for my ATO res which is a 10 gal petco tank.
Here’s a pic even though it’s a clear object haha, it sits nicely on the plastic rim on top.


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My 10 gallon frag tank is a separate system from my main one, I add I think every day like 250 to 350 ml of RODI water every day, cuz of the filter that I have.
Is kinda dropping the water. So is not only evaporation is also splashing and the water and salt gets on my light as well :)
I will check TAP once I have a trip to downtown.


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10.5 cm x 20 cm or 26.5”x 51” from that I would need to cut a little to make it fit after but that is what I need.
I’m curious, does cell cast acrylic absorb similarly to extruded Acrylic?
Appears that they are roughly the same. This warping isn’t an issue if you use solvent to build a sump since everything is welded together and that prevents the pieces from warping. It’s an issue when you have a piece that’s not secured as it will warp and then not sit flush. You could constantly flip it over to even out the warping, but it’s better to just use the right material.


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You could use glass too, I did a project for a 10g tank where I used glass panes sold by home depot, some plastic FRP trim, and just cut a couple pieces to fit, sanded the edges down and they slide back and forth in the trim, no worry of warping.

I would worry even with polycarbonate that it will warp unless you reinforce it since he says he wants "thin".