Yellow Tang is Sick Not Sure what happened, He is breathing heavily.


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I recently saw that my yellow tang is not feeling well.

Also from time to time I had some chaeto algae that was going from the refugium on my main display. Not sure if he eate that and he can't digest it or what might have been wrong.

I see where he is pooping it has something. Is like a chaeto algae string. I don't think is a parasite I think he is having some kind of indigestion and he cant poop.

I could use some help in figuring out what to do. The water parameters are alright he was fine earlier today but now in the afternoon I see he is having issues. All the other fishes are perfectly fine.

Here is a video link:


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That’s pretty fast breathing. You can dip in freshwater to see if it helps.


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He is not even closing his mouth. Not sure...

He still has things attach to him from the pooping area. Is like 2 or 3 cheto string with not that much green. Is hard to take a picture of it.

Kensington Reefer

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A: if it eats...there’s a chance of recovery
But it’s unlikely

I would remove the fish and euthanize

Feed the rest of the fish NLS medicated food for internal parasites


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My yellow tang is back to normal. Nipping on the rocks and eating well.
He is not skinny he is quite fat. But I think the way it was show in the video is looking skinny.
I think he had some issues pooping not sure exactly.
He might have been constipated :)