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Yellow Tang Question


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I have a question for everybody that has or had Yellow Tangs.

I see that my yellow tang has some bubble (or marks not sure how to call them) on the head area around the eyes and on the face. It has that on both sides. Is that alright or I have to do something to heal him. He is not presenting any issues or scratching or anything. He is happy swimming and dancing in the tank.

Here is a video:
Here are some images:

Kensington Reefer

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Cause is debatable
If it eats, it can survive
Ultimately it will be cosmetic
I have a 12 year old orange shoulder tang and blue tang that suffer this condition

Feed it
Love it
Grow it


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Here is an image with all the foods that I give them. I am switching them.

Most of the time I give this combo Omega one Marine Flakes, New Life spectrum and Formula one Pellets
Like 2 times/week I feed Jumbo Krill.
I also have to types of Sea Veggie Sheets from Julian Springs and I add a little norie like once every 2 days.
I feed them only once a day except when I add Nori sheets when is twice.

Also From time to time I see a little cheto in the display tank and the tang will eat that as well.

Not sure what is wrong with the yellow tang but he is purposely eating his poop. But I was reading on other forums that there are other tangs that do the same thing.

Kensington Reefer

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Oh my
Invest in some high quality frozen food
LRS or Rod’s
Also SFBB and others
Get them ALL
As much as they want you to one food has everything
And not all fish like all foods
Variety is key
Feed them 5 times each day
Assume that each fish has a stomach the size of one of their eyeballs

Feed your fish!


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One of the (very debated) causes of hlle is carbon... Might be worth removing carbon from the system for a few weeks and see if that helps.


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Recovery takes years and some are too damaged to ever heal.

Most of my tangs came with hlle, you can barely see it on my purple tang anymore. One of the blue tangs still has signs and the other is bad. Yellow tangs look great.


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I’ve never seen that on any of my tangs. Is it bad pigmentation ?
It looks like Lateral line or hole in the head disease. People may laugh but I've cured MULTIPLE tangs just feeding Spectrum pellets. It takes awhile but it will reverse.


Staff member blue tang has had HLLE for 12 y, I've been feeding it Spectrum forever...and it's still there.


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My tangs live mainly on nori, but it is pretty much always available to them. If the last sheet is gone I hang a new one.
I get mine at the asian grocery, just make sure it isn't one of the flavored ones.
My LFS has a store brand nori they sell, but it secretly comes from the asian grocery store and is just repackaged.