You know you've been spending too much time reefing when...

So I was taking a shower the other day and was lost in thought about something. I saw out of the corner of my eye a small pink/purple spot on the wall of the shower. My first kind of half conscious thought was, "oh cool, I've got some coralline algae growing on the tile in my shower". After I snapped out of it and realized the impossibility of it I inspected the spot further and found it to be a sticker that my daughter must have put on there.

I'm still waiting for they day where I dream about testing water or something like that.

Do you guys have any related stories to share?
I wouldn't say its too much time, for me there is never enough time. :p

I enjoy multiple times a day looking at my tank using Fusion on my Apex looking at the camera and my monitoring probes and graphs.
All of my nightmares involved cracked display tanks, floods, or fish in need of rescues for many years. Not that those things ever happened, but those were my reef stress dreams.