Adrian's Red Sea Max E-260

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    Hello my names Adrian, quick background. I just moved here from San Diego. I am going to school at Academy of Art University getting my Masters in Photography. I am a Veteran, USMC for almost 5 years. Im 28 and Ive been keeping reef aquariums for over 16 years. Anything else you want to know just ask.

    My goal for this tank is to KISS so I went all out... The reason I went with this set up, is because its a complete system right out of the box and I know with school and trying to find a job I wont be able to devote a massive amount of time to the tank. Also I live in an apartment in SF so I didn't want to get to big and get told to take it down. (and no I didn't ask if I could have an aquarium, but it didn't say I couldn't in my rental agreement lol)

    Tank Red Sea Max E-260 (69 Gallons)
    Stand Red Sea
    Lights 2 AI Hydra HD 26
    Skimmer Red Sea Skimmer included in set
    Return Pumps What ever Red Sea included
    2 MP40's with battery back up
    Apex Controller 2.0
    PH probe
    Temp probe
    Salinity probe
    Ozone probe
    Apex Dosing pumps
    Apex Dosing Canisters
    ATO Tunze
    Salt Tropic Marin (switching to Red Sea Pro once it cycles)
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