BARs Regional Frag Swap Official Rules and Info

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By Flagg37 on Aug 3, 2017 at 10:10 PM
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    I will be updating this post as information becomes available so check back often.

    We're excited to announce BAR's biggest event of the year, the annual Regional Frag Swap.

    This frag swap is open to everyone, in fact we will be encouraging people from throughout California to come swap frags.

    • Room Number: Room 722
      • Chabot College in Hayward, CA
      • Park in lot G (Which is the closest to Building 700)
      • Remember to bring $2 in change for parking
    • Schedule
      • 10:30am Shopping Starts / Vendors Ready
      • 11:00am - 12:00pm Register for the Frag Swap (Get your picking Letter)
      • 12:30pm Start Frag Swap

    [​IMG] Requirements
    • Bring at least 3 different coral frags in their own clear plastic containers with lids.
      • Must be labeled with your username AND coral name AND lights used. You cannot swap if it doesnt have this information.
      • We will be checking for unlabeled, mislabeled, sick, or dead coral.
    • Cost
      • Pre-registration is now closed
      • Registration is $20 at the door.
    • The following corals cannot be used in frag swapping.
      • [​IMG] (click to enlarge)
    [​IMG] Shopping
    • The following Vendors will be there selling premium corals and drygoods.
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Food / Drinks
    • Pizza and drinks will be sold at the event

    [​IMG] Bonus Rounds
    • The bonus rounds are optional and consist of the first picking round of the swap.
    • Once you're done with the bonus round, you continue the regular swap.
    • If you want to do the bonus rounds, you need to bring at least 3 bonus corals or 1 ultra coral from the bonus round list to receive 1 Bonus Round Ticket.
    • You can receive as many Bonus Round Tickets as you want. (Example: Bringing 9 bonus round frags gives you 3 bonus round tickets)
      • The Bonus Coral list can be found HERE.
      • Bonus Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
        • Example: 1) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 2) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 3) Gold Hammer = OKAY
      • Ultra Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
      • 3 Bonus Corals = 1 Bonus Round Ticket or 1 Ultra Coral = 1 Bonus Round Ticket
    • READ THIS THREAD on bonus rounds before asking questions about it here.
    [​IMG] Raffle Prizes
    • TBD

    Updated 9/09/2017

    If you want to donate something to this event, send me a private message.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Flagg37, Aug 3, 2017.

    1. jepoy
      How long does the actual swap usually take? Wife sprung a "oh we got a birthday party to attend" on me last night. Luckily it's not til the afternoon.

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    2. Bruce Spiegelman
      Bruce Spiegelman
      Nah.. last couple started thirty minutes late as I recall anyway. :)
    3. Bruce Spiegelman
      Bruce Spiegelman
      Plan for about an hour and half of actual swapping, but they usually start a little late as well. In your case you want to stay till the last two rounds because those two rounds usually allow you to grab three or more at a time.
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    4. Kim Pattison
      Kim Pattison
      Jerry and I will be coming from Stockton
    5. Vhuang168
      Guess I'm early!?! Got here at 9.35 but doors are still closed. This is a newer building?

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    6. Wlachnit
      Can't find anywhere to park. Where did you park?

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    7. 2manyhobbies
      Many thanks to supporting members for their help in making this swap a success. We could not have done this without your help. I hope that you all had a great time and were able to find some interesting frags.
    8. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Dave @2manyhobbies, and Steve @patchin did lots of work organizing and carrying out day of duties, and they didn't even swap! Thanks to those guys, as well as mike @mray2660 and bob @tankguy who also did a lot of planning work and weren't able to attend.
      Also rolph @Corallus got all the raffle items lined up and picked up and delivered, and Jon @Flagg37 ran a tight ship. Not to mention will @Wlachnit got his feet wet as incoming Vice President and performed admirably.
      I only got pizza and drinks for this swap. Thanks to those 7 guys and all the members and reefers in general we were able to make a good event come together. It was nice to see all the other people step up and put on a good event without having to do much myself, I think that says good things for the future of this club going forward!
      Also thanks to Jonny @jestersix, legendary corals crew, and mike @fishdoctor for showing up as vendors for us.
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    9. Apon
      Thanks to all in helping put up this event. Swap's are always fun for me.

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