Building a new aquarium monitor & controller

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Alex Uribe, Nov 17, 2014.

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    Where are you guys based?
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    Very nice, while not as expandable as "the big boys" in the controller market, also not anywhere as expensive as those expansions end up costing. I like the idea of having a controlled power center that also allows you to control LEDs (both analog and digital), helps wrap things up in a nice package and leaves you open to options as far as LED lighting (I think most brand name stuff uses analog, and DIYs have digital)
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    I actually think we are more expandable than those "big boys" because of the architecture we built this on. All of our hardware is wifi connected and cloud based so we can update the firmware and software over the air and you don't need to buy yet another module for every little thing. Whats more with our built in analog and digital control we already hit much of what is currently out there and as more and more hardware comes online we are uniquely crafted to work with it compared to the other guys.

    the only thing we don't currently do is offer an ORP probe, but thats only for now ;)
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    Interesting. How would I control Ecotech or AquaIllumination lights and pumps?
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    Ecotech has an SDK which they have told us they will give us. Once that happens we will implement all the functionality within our app as well :)

    Same goes for AI lights (being the same company)
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    For the older system or the new wifi based one?

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    only 14 of 50 the early bird deals left... no 13 now ;)
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    The sdk will give us that ability on the new wifi stuff but also if you have a reeflink.
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    Thanks Jason!!!

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    9 Left now.
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    I'm looking at this and while it looks really nice hardware it unclear what's the software will look like. I like a concept of wireless sensors/control center and curious if you guys gave sdk to expand it?
    Can I connect custom PWM devices? Custom sensors?
    Are you planning to stay close-source as Neptune or open as reef angel?


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    Hey Eugene,

    Our software is actually where we really differentiate ourselves! We have native iOS and android apps and we are working on a web app that will eventually expand on the mobile apps for things like going into the data and overlaying graphs on it. Because everything is cloud based we push updates to not only the front end but also the backend and the firmware often.

    I'm pretty biased but Jake Adams at Reefbuilders wrote another piece on us today that says similar things:

    "But where the Fishbit completely outclasses the competition is in the software. The native Fishbit application is nearly flawless, with the most simple user interface, clear indicators of outlet status and clear graphs of temperature, pH and salinity trends. One of the surprisingly well-executed features of the Fishbit are the thoughtful alerts which pop up on our phone only occasionally, and not every single minute that one thing is slightly off."

    With regards to connecting PWM devices -- YES you can :) we have 8 channels on our controller for dimming devices and through the app you can decide to use 1-10v, 0-5 PWM or 0-10 PWM per channel.

    We're in the middle of Neptune and Reef Angel for our openness - we're not completely open sourced but we do have an open API that you can use and we will be active in supporting anyone building on top of Fishbit :)

    Let me know if that makes sense or if I can answer any other questions. Lastly if you are still on the shelf, and this goes for everyone, we actually live in Presidio Park (though we are moving back to Chicago in April) and we welcome anyone to our place to see Fishbit in person -- just let me know when is convenient.
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    I have Fishbit beta app,
    LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER - 6 specials left !

    Its nice with what I can do with it even without the controllers

    For a few weeks I have been just manually entering my data,
    Instantly charts trends and has upper and lower set control limits you set and can edit.
    Quick look at charts and see your data passing a red line and know you have issues.
    Also has alarm from app for out of control (push to screen), and email.

    Found a small bug and they fixed it in the next update, power of APPS
    I made a date entry error 10.24 is high salinity, was no edit/delete option for single line item, now they have delete.

    Looking forward to some of the other functions when I get my Fishbit.
    Like the many programable 'modes' that you define
    Normal run mode
    Feed fish, set power heads off with timer to start
    Feed corals, set power heads and main pump off with timer
    Change water, turn them off NO timer
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    I just checked the Kickstarter... congrats on making the goal, @naterock101!

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