Clove or Glove Polyps Clavularia Problems with keeping them lately

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Exotic Aquatics, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Lately been having problems with Clavularia: Clove or Glove Polyps. Brought a few in several times over the past several months from, a couple of different suppliers. They look Ok at first. They start to open a few polyps. But then fail to open after that and slowly fade away over the next few weeks. No apparent sign of any disease or parasite. I've been keeping Saltwater Tanks for more then 20 years, corals almost as long. In the past these corals have been very easy to grow under similar conditions. Grew like weeds. Even Hard to Kill. Anybody else experiencing problems keeping them lately? Thanks
  2. treylane

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    I've been keeping these things for the last couple years and in a stable healthy tank they're weeeeeeeds! I've gone through a few population booms and busts, and can say that low alk will definitely cause problems, so double-check that your holy-trinity of ca/alk/mag params are in check.

    Other than that - established colonies can handle nearly any light+flow level, but new additions should be kept in lowish light and med/low flow while they acclimate to your tank.
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    I haven't had any die-offs but some previously well growing colonies have inexplicably stopped growing for periods of time even when other things in the tank are still growing like crazy.

    When I drained my tank in December there was a whole network of clove polyps on one wall. I ignored them in the drilling because they had spread to the glass from rock. Letting them get dry for almost three hours apparently stressed them into a burst of growth. They have been growing like crazy following this abuse after having previously grown quite slowly.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I dose that tank with B-ionic Magnesium Iodine Sr/Mo and tested for Ca Alk and Mg all appeared to be in good range. The tank also has Anthelia, small blue polyp rock and a Couple of Daisy Polyp Rocks. Which seem similar to Clavs and they are all thriving! It drives me crazy but it has happened several times now and these have been really easy to grow in the past. Hate to see these Really Nice Clavs not making it.
  5. JAR

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    I have a bunch that I am going to get rid of.
    Let me know if you want some.
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    I bumped my alk from 8-9 and my small clove frag not only opened up but within a week had 3 new polyps growing.

    So although the acceptable range for alk is ~8+ I would try 9+ if you are having issues.
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    My alk is at 9-10 and they are growing very well

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