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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by MolaMola, Dec 28, 2016.

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    I have a mature pair of ocellaris (over 10 years old) and a BTA they used to host in but are currently separated from. They currently reside in an Eclipse tank, maybe 12 gal, but need a new home. Thought they were going into a Biocube 14 but it looks like I am not getting that tank, which means my options are open!

    Do you feel 12 gal of tank space is too small for the pair? When they lived in a 55 gal they never ventured more than a few inches from their nem. Should I give them more space?
    If I went with a larger tank it could be cool. Maybe I could add a shrimp-goby pair, softies, interesting inverts. Tankmate suggestions? I have a Kessil 160 ready to use but could consider an alternative.
    Tank suggestions? It needs to be standalone, no sump, probably less than 3' long but I have not measured. A Biocube with no hood sounded appealing because it is self-contained and could house a little fuge in the back.
  2. Innovative Marine 25 gallon lagoon. It's a great size and a great looking rimless tank.
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    Innovative marine 25 lagoon
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    Now THAT would be great. I will be keeping my eyes open. I really like its depth front-to-back for a smallish AIO tank.
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  6. The 25 IM Lagoon is probably too small for a "harem" tank." The actual water volume in one is only 20 gallons and that won't support many adult Clowns (once they get there.) Plus the quarters are pretty tight.
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    I think I saw a 20 gallon Fusion tank, similar to the 25 lagoon, for sale on RC. Came with stand and media baskets and some other goodies for a decent price. I was thinking of picking it up myself, but the wife would kill me
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    It's gone. A club member bought it.

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