DaVinci Picasso Ocellaris Clownfish pair's

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  1. pinner

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    Picked these up this weekend from Ed. Was the last of my spending spree I went on. Thx Ed!!

    Pair 1
    DaVinci Picasso Ocellaris Clownfish

    Pair 2
    DaVinci Picasso and Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish
  2. You should be very proud, Robert - those are some very nice DaVincis!

    If you are looking to breed the DaVincis and suspect they may be siblings, might I recommend pairing the DaVincis with Wyoming Whites from a different lineage?
  3. pinner

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    Yes I plan on breeding them. Got one paired up with snowflake. Want more black in offspring. All 3 davinci are from same batch and are 1st gen. Been debating on the other 2. Breeding bro and sis or get 2 more davinci from anothet breader. Or get a black onyx and someother. Just sooo tapped on cash. I went a bit overboard a few bills can wait lol. Any ideas and thoughts greatly apreciated. So hard to do reasearch on this cell phone. Need to stop buy corals and fish and get a cheap laptop.
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    You could always get a cheap tablet too!
  5. That's great news you are acquiring more broodstock!

    A couple things I try to look out for are:
    1. Avoid sibling pairings whenever possible. I would suggest splitting up the two DaVincis that are currently in the same tank.
    2. No hybridization of two species. There are some arguments that for all practical purposes A. percula and A. ocellaris are not two distinct species, but there are also offspring produced by crossing A. ocellaris and P. biaculeatus (aka Maroon clowns). For various reasons that I won't go into detail, I don't recommend crossing two species together. This means that my recommendations will focus only on A. ocellaris.

    Here is a hypothetical pairing program. Before going further, I just want to emphasize that this is all based on conjectures and best guesses. :bigsmile:
    Pair# 1: DaVinci with Black Snowflake (aka Phantom or Blacker Ice)
    Pair# 2: DaVinci with B&W Ocellaris (aka Darwin Ocellaris)
    Pair# 3: DaVinci with Wyoming White (Option 1)
    Pair# 3: DaVinci with Fancy White (Option 2)

    Pairs #1 and #2 would focus on infusing more black. This will likely need to be done for at least two or more generations before you will see significant black in the offspring. For instance, the Black Ice is the initial cross between a Snowflake and Darwin, and the Mocha is the initial cross between Ocellaris and Darwin. Both the Black Ice and Mocha did not have a lot of black. Crossing the Black Ice with another Darwin, and possibly for multiple subsequent generations, ultimately resulted in in Blacker Ice/Phantom offspring. I am afraid I haven't got a guess at to what effect the DaVinci pattern will have when crossed with the Snowflake pattern.

    Pair #3 would focus on producing the DaVinci pattern. Both SA and S&R developed their Fancy White and DaVinci, respectively, by crossing Ocellaris with Wyoming White. However, since the original Wyoming Whites were all released by C-Quest, chances are any WW or FW you find to pair with the DaVinci would not be too far removed from each other in the genetic pool.

    If you plan to be at the meeting with Craig Bingman, let's explore this a little more.
  6. 650-IS350

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    Congrats on the nice fish, ED is a cool dude n someone I dont hesitate to deal with
  7. Reef4life

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    Can you guys help me finding a local breeder on some Picassos.
    Thank you
  8. I might be able to help ... PM me with what you are looking for.

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