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Discussion in 'Breeding' started by Borchers, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    Well tonight while down stairs I stopped to observe my tank while the Royal blue LED's were on.

    Let me set the back story. I have a rescued Blue Mandarin and Spotted Mandarin goby in the same 120 system. One from a big box store and be other from a friend. I tried introduce the to each other and a few minutes later serious ruckus broke out between then. The spotted was moved to the fuge and that's where it stayed for a few months. Then I switched out fuge and placed the spotted mandarin in the main DT. It's now been 4 months on the new sump. Back to why I stopped. When I looked into the tank I saw both gobies sitting on top of a LR bridge. Here is where it gets good. I have not seen the Blue lately and was surprised to see him next to the spotted goby. Next thing you know

    Holy Crap! They are courting and looks like the are actually breeding. They were in full courtship swimming to the top water column then going belly to belly and the breaking up only to do it again. I watched this for 15 minutes. They continued even after I walked to the tank. I tried to get a video but its horrible and completely blue. She looks fat already like a pregnant fish. The blue turned out to be a male who's colors are insane right now

    I mean has this happened to anyone? I tried to find anything on it and nothing.
    I would think it has happened before maybe?

    What do think?

    Cross bred Mandarine Gobies
    Blues and Spotted gobies.
  2. That is fantastic, Shawn - congratulations! Please continue to document this and check out MBI and MOFIB to see if other breeders have had similar experiences. You could be on a new and exciting event! :party:
  3. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    That sounds cool. Are you planning to raise the fry?

    You need a sexy name for the offspring. Since 'Picasso' is already used how about an impressionist?

    Monet (or Manet) Mandarine?
    Degas Dragonet?
    Van Gogh Goby?

  4. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Heh, that's awesome!

    BAYMAC Guest

    young whipper snapper, you need to also suggest Breeders Registry... been going longer them MBI and MOFIB combined and multiplied by two :) (since 1992) http://breedersregistry.org/
  6. fishtal

    fishtal Guest

    I've not heard of anyone mixing the two types. Interesting.
  7. gimmito

    gimmito Guest

    Designer mandarins...who would have thought ?
  8. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    So I checked out the sites Gresham thanks.

    Sent an email to Mr. Lang to see if this has happened before and what he thinks as well. I have a video but it looks so drowned out in blue but you can see them in the video dancing. I will post it on YouTube Monday and see how it turns out.

    BAYMAC Guest

    Tom's (Lang) a good guy. He's been trying to get a public aquarium off the ground in Fresno.
  10. goldielocke76

    goldielocke76 Supporting Member

    I have another forum friend on a puffer forum who's mandarins breed and spawn like crazy. She's reporting the same kind of behavior. It would be really neat if you could get the eggs and raise them! :D
  11. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    It says the video is private. May have to change the privacy setting on the video.
  12. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    I got it to play from the link on RC. Haven't tried here. Is it really a RealAudio file? That seems strange. I think that's the first YouTube video to need Real Player that I've seen.

    Other than the above, VERY COOL.
  13. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    Try this link
  14. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    This one takes you to YouTube. I dont know how to put it on the forum like someone did for me on R/C
  15. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    Well I got a good video. Here it is. It's still blue but you can see the male and the female.

    Watch it in HD and you can clearly see the pair are two different breeds
  16. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    That's much better. No need to get RealPlayer involved.

    That blue really plays havoc with the camera. You might check and see if your camera has an "underwater" setting.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!!
  17. Borchers

    Borchers Guest

    That's my cell phone taking the video. I found watching it in HD really helps. Glad you guys liked it.

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