Don't get too excited: Capnella, Xenia

Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by Darcy Vasudev, Jan 29, 2015.

Capnella, Red Sea Xenia
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  • Darcy Vasudev
    Darcy Vasudev
    1. I wouldn't exactly call it DBTC, but I have some Kenya Tree and some xenia available. The xenia is the short, light pink pulsing type (I believe it is Red Sea). You can either pick it up from me in Oakland or I can bring it to the Feb 7th workshop.
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    2. JPVEE

      JPVEE Guest

      I will be in Oakland tomorrow morning. Can I pick these up from you??
    3. @JPVEE I think what I'm going to do is just bring the stuff to the Frag Workshop since I may have a hard time coordinating these next few days. I will save a piece of each for you if you'll be there!
    4. JPVEE

      JPVEE Guest

      I am not going to the work shop
    5. @JPVEE oh, that's too bad you won't make it to the workshop! I might be able to coordinate for next week, but just had unexpected car problems so have so dealing with that today. :(
    6. Enderturtle

      Enderturtle Guest

      :) This is DBTC. There will also be those strange people who want xenia and capnella for some weird reason.

      Thanks for contributing to DBTC. I need to get some more going.
    7. Lol, so true. I mean, it is pretty and all... but eventually becomes an unflushable.

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    8. wpeterson

      wpeterson Guest

      I don't know why folks dislike Xenia, but I would love a frag of Xenia and/or Kenya tree at the Feb meetup.

      Thanks if you can make that happen!
    9. @wpeterson I like Capnella and Xenia, but it can get to be problematic in some tanks (especially small tanks like mine) because it grows so fast. I'm not getting rid of all of mine, just thinning it out. I will be sure to bring some of each for you. The xenia is a nice shorter stalked one, a light pink color, really cute. :)
    10. wpeterson

      wpeterson Guest

      Thank you!

      We had a nice pink, pulsing. Xenia in our nano tanks in Boston. I bounded their area with semi-aggressive stinging corals so they wouldn't grow unbounded, but we did end up fragging them often.
    11. @wpeterson (and everyone) Sorry I wasn't able to get to the meeting yesterday, my car is broken and haven't had a chance to get it to the dealer for service yet. I am headed out of the country for a couple weeks, but when I return I'll have even more capnella and xenia available. Hope it hasn't overgrown my tank by then ;)
    12. wpeterson

      wpeterson Guest

    13. I live in Oakland as well and I'd love some xenia for my refugium! My girlfriend and friends will also appreciate something that doesn't just look like "sticks", lol :)

      I can pick up the xenia from you whenever. Let me know!

    14. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! (like the song lol

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