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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Euphyllia, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Euphyllia

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    Oh right... that is something very logical that I overlooked! :)
    What about a Randall's Watchman Goby? There really pretty!
  2. sfsuphysics

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    Spend 20 bucks at home depot, get a 32g rubbermaid garbage can, drain the tank of water, catch the 6-line, refill the tank, then worry about what fish to get.
  3. phishphood

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    I used to have a pair of Randall's gobies a few years back. I loved them. They have great coloration IMO, but they won't be out and swimming in the water column too much. I too second the thought of avoiding a jawfish for now, citing your history with them. I'm in the same case, where for some reason my last 2 just haven't panned out. So for now, I'm staying away from them.
  4. WOW!!!!! We all need to be nice here especially the older people don't be a Mr. Grumpy pants! (Gresh) :p I don't want to come down there and knock your head around Gresh. Ill jump on bike and ride down there. Then Gresh when posting will say something like this:

    Hi everyone this is Gresham :) How is everyone? I hope everyones tanks are looking great and your fish and coral are all thriving. I feel as light as a feather and just so open and free. " I feel pretty....oh sooo pretty......" I just love everyone man! Well thats All I wanted to say be good and stay well.

    Always and yours truly Gresham 0:)

    You know I'm always joking with you Gresham. You know I wouldn't ride my bike down there I would Drive instead! LOL

    There I threw my 2 cents in! Im out now! Everyone should be nice and we should all help each other out.

    Happy Holidays from Ocean Treasures (AKA Derek)
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    Derek, I guess you missed my last post. Regardless, your post is neither constructive nor helpful to the OP.

    Sorry Nathan, I'm locking this thread until everyone else grows up.


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