First fish - pair of clowns?

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    So we ordered and received a mated pair of clowns that have been undergoing TTM since 8/30. They were at the fish store (CoralreefTN) for at least a month before I got them. I know this as they were WYSIWYG and we had them on our list of possibilities back while the tank was still cycling. They are eating well, swimming around a lot, and I don't see any spots, fin damage, or anything unusual about them. After TTM is complete, does it make sense to still keep them in QT for observation for some additional period of time - I've read anywhere from 0 to another 78 days? I have no other fish in the tank, just corals, two skunk shrimp, and snails.

    What is the risk of them having something undetectable and having a negative impact on the tank?

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    I would just monitor for another 2 weeks just to be sure.

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    That seems reasonable. I have had the sponge for an air filter sitting in my sump for a while now, so I should have some bacteria to add to one of the tanks after TTM is over. I just feel bad for the fish in the little tank with just some PVC tubing to hang out with.

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    If they're your first fish and you finish TTM, and you put them into the tank, the worst thing that can happen is they later manifest a disease like brook or velvet and they die. There is no negative impact on the tank. If you want to try to treat them, then catching them will be a pain in your DT as they will hide in the rock.

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