Hair Algae in a frag tank

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by CookieJar, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. CookieJar

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    I've been dealing with annoying hair algae in my 20 gallon long frag tank. I'd like to find a better way or hear what other people do that might be better than my approach. Currently, hair algae grows throughout my display and frag tank, chaeto rolls around in the fuge. I had a tiny yellow tang in the frag tank and he kept the hair algae to a minimum, where it wasn't very noticeable, but in a few months he grew and I moved him into the display tank where he has more room. Now that the frag tank has been a couple weeks w/o a tang, the hair algae is getting long again in the eggcrate and I'd rather not go back to laborious manual removal. I have a tailspot blenny, several small snails (certh, asteria) in the frag tank, none of which make a dent. I had a turbo in there but I don't think he can eat in the small squares of the eggcrate, plus he knocked over too many frags. I know I can get another grazing fish like a 1-spot foxface, get a tiny one and trade/ give away when he gets bigger, but maybe there's a better way than to keep recycling grazing fish in there. FWIW- I have a Bulk Reef Supply phosban reactor going 24/7. Any improvements or better ways to deal with algae in eggcrate?
  2. GreshamH

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    I keep same size pieces of eggcrate around and simply change out and soak them as needed.
  3. tuberider

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    +1 When I had a frag tank I changed out the eggcrate every couple of weeks so I didn't have to have snails or fish knocking crap over.
  4. hiepatitis

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    get a sea hare and pass him off after he's done. i ran phosphate remover which did the trick. what happened to your foxface? he might take care of it.
  5. CookieJar

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    The foxface I had didn't make it. For some reason he did ok for a while in the frag tank and within 1 day of putting him in the display he was dead. That baffled me as I have no predators in my display - the closest would be the 6 chromis who are peaceful. I think I'll go the replacing eggcrate route, simple and not too time consuming.

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