How best to grow 'pods?

Discussion in 'Breeding' started by Coral reefer, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Aug 18, 2006
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    To clarify Gresham's point, there's a food chain when it comes to "pods", so to culture them requires some specificity when it comes to the intended outcome/goal.

    For example, If I were interested in cultivating Tigger-PodsĀ® (sorry Gresham my 'puter doesn't do the little tm), I'd of course want to feed them and give them ample space, no problem. However, if I were to be a little lackluster with my diligence and allow a single Mysis shrimp into the equation, it spells doom to a huge percentage of the "podpulation" (my word, thanks!). Mysis shrimp are like tiny mantis shrimp that club and destroy everything in their path, causing Tigger-PodĀ® reproductive energy to turn into survival/hunting energy for a much larger and more efficient predator.
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    No no Jeremy, they are registered, you got the right one :) TM is only a temp holder until your trademark is registered, then you graduated to (R)

    adult amphipods are far too large for scooter blennies or "mandarins". No microscope should be necessary to ID somethign to the family level. That is easily done for many people with eyesight alone.

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