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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by SlickWill613, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    Ok so the first big order arrived. Still waiting on others.
    More to come when more happens.
  2. Julius Chen

    Julius Chen Supporting Member

    What size sicce pump u are using? I have im 20and like to replace stock pump with more powerful one.

    What skimmer do u plan to use?
  3. The Sicce 1.5 fits in the IM 20. I believe the 2.0 is just a hair to large.
  4. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    No skimmer. Got the inTank media basket and fuge on the way. I went with the sicce .5, it's in the photo. From what I've read elsewhere, the 1.0 fits but can almost be too much flow for the rear chambers. Not planning to keep any sps, just easy softies and maybe some lps. Hoping that between the media, fuge, and wcs can get by without a skimmer. Gonna just get a solo fish.
  5. I used the .5 in my IM 10 as well. The problem with maxing out in the IM returns is their placement. If the flow is too much you get salt being flung everywhere. I also ran mine with three fish with no skimmer. It's just not necessary in that tank as long as you're doing water changes and frankly the IM skimmer sucks (I stil run two of them, but don't love them.) Many people use the Tunze skimmer for larger IM's.
  6. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    Yeah I haven't heard any rave reviews as far as the IM skimmer is concerned. Figure with some carbon/gfo in the form of chemipure and some chaeto in the fuge, after wcs I'd be in decent shape.
  7. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    All right! Dr. Tims ammonium chloride, microbacter7, power strip, and timers all arrived today. I must live next door to an Amazon warehouse cause that was fast. Gonna run out Saturday and picks up rocks and sand. Can start cycling soon! I'll have to top off manually until my next order arrives. Ordered a small "nightstand" to hold all the stuff, wife gave the ok to just keep the tank on table as a "centerpiece". Dont worry though, I'm the third generation using that table, it's a two man job just toting the tabletop without legs on and without the leaf in. No problem sitting on it and I'm way heavier than this thing will be full.
  8. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    inTank order arrived today, awesome quality as usual. Didn't work today cause we walked a picket instead. That was a great time. But the most exciting part of today was after picking the older boy up from school we hit up Neptune for sand and rock! Went with dry sand, I wasn't going to but the only live sand in stock was just too fine. Rinsed as best I could, and this is the result after water was added.
    Front IMG_1553.JPG
    iPhone pics. Pissed cause my gooseneck broke while adjusting. Anyway, just stoked to get it salty!
  9. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    No "real" update. The two week mark hit this weekend so I redosed ammonium chloride and bottled bacteria. Got the ato setup in a temporary container till my resivior from ocean box designs gets here. Also found a small cabinet to hide all the nuts and bolts, space inside is really limited so it's becoming rather unsightly inside. Here's a pic from before the ato went in...

    so you can imagine how cramped this is gonna get. Two more weeks and I'll do a digestion test for ammonia and if it passes it'll be %100 waterchange and begin to stock.

    Edit: photobucket acting wonky adding thumbnail

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  10. OnTheReef

    OnTheReef OnTheReef (Eric) Supporting Member

    If you mean the IM Ghost Desktop Mini, then yes, it sucks. The material is too slick and takes forever to break in enough to allow bubbles to crawl up into the collection cup. I think mine ran for nearly a month before it produced any skimmate at all. I've had better luck with the Red Sea airstone driven skimmer. I own two of them and they produce skimmate the first night I start them up.

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