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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Josesito62, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Josesito62

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    Hey people of BAR! Here is my story.
    After a green hair covered, neglected, and modified to the tanks limit bio cubes owner was mentally beaten down by his family member to start over or let it go. I decided to let it go and go bigger! Haha came across a elos so I jumped on it.
    The plan with this build is to be light bio load because I don't have time to do weekly water changes so bi weekly it is. I want sort of a minimalist look anyways. I had a 50 tall before that must have had 70+ pounds of LR it was cool at the time but too hard to clean!
    Equipment list
    *elos 70 55 gal DT
    *elos 400 sump I think it's 20gal?
    *eshops s120 skimmer
    * two little fishes phos ban reactor w/gfo
    *ehiem 1260 return
    * I forget the series of power heads but as of right now two hydors two jebaos
    For bio filter all I have right now is about 25lbs of LR and 50 lbs of "live" sand
    Stocking list as of now
    1 yellow tang
    1 coral beauty
    5 red leg hermits
    Unknown zoa
    2 Unknown stonies (maybe you guys can help haha)
    Pics in next post
  2. Josesito62

    Josesito62 Guest

    Excuse the glare tank is next to glass door
    Also I forgot to add I am using the AI hydra 26 hd
    Unknown coral liked the color and was cheap so I thought I would give it a try
    My tang he is kind of a dick tho
  3. Josesito62

    Josesito62 Guest

    Unknown zoa
    Unknown stony sorry iPhone hates my AI
    And my CB is shy today she has a cave with low flow she likes to hang out in most mornings
  4. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Welcome to the Elos club. You'll never settle for anything less.
    Beautiful tank but those pumps are an eyesore ;)
    Also, be careful with the random frags as those are a great way to introduce pests into such a beautiful display tank.
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  5. Josesito62

    Josesito62 Guest

    I could not agree more about the pumps they are temp and am at least gonna get rid of two of the power heads. I was trying to figure out what kinda flow I wanted and what the tank can handle. Thanks for the advice about the frags I should have learned my lesson before about that too a previous tank got tanker over by mushroom anemones
  6. chem-e

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    Looking good so far. I used to have a lot of flow in my 70 because I don't have any sand, but my vortech controller crapped out, so now I just have a gyre 130 with a tunze blowing across the back and it's doing a good job.

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