Joyce Wilkerson's "Clownfishes" Available for Kindle

Discussion in 'Breeding' started by lattehiatus, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Finally, Joyce Wilkerson's long out-of-print book is available in digital format, and at a reasonable price of $13.79 to boot!

    Even if you don't have a Kindle device, you can read the book on most smartphones and PCs using Amazon's program/app or 3rd party software.
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  2. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    Thanks David. You just cost me another $13.79 at Amazon! :)
  3. Think of it as saving 35 bucks compared to a pre-owned copy of the print edition! ;)
  4. rrrank

    rrrank Guest

    Currently on Amazon you can pick up a paperback copy for roughly $11 including shipping.

    Those of you who've successfully bred clowns, has the knowledge from reading this book helped you in a significant way?

    I'm currently looking to start a reefer 250 build. Breeding clowns has really gained my interest.
  5. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    @zeeGGee is a new hobbyist who successfully bred clownfish?

    Its a lot of work lol but totally possible if you do your homework
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  6. rrrank

    rrrank Guest

    I have a lot of flexibility working primarily from a home office. I just purchased the book tonight and realized by purchasing the hard copy you can read it via Kindle or your smart phone or tablet. I'm currently on my honeymoon in Bora Bora, I'm sure I'll finish it by tomorrow.

    @zeeGGee Have you read Joyce Wilkerson's book? Any other recommendations. I'll check your posts and see if that leads me anywhere.

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  7. zeeGGee

    zeeGGee Guest

    yeah that's true! Do your homework and you'll find success! Read, Ask, try and learn.

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  8. zeeGGee

    zeeGGee Guest

    I havent read any book. I just Read the forum, ask, try and learn...

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  9. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Yeah ask @Kensington Reefer if you have any questions about breeding clownfish.

    He's our clownfish masta!
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  10. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    Buy the books...all of them
    The people answering the questions are supporting members
    $upport the site
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