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    Looks like I have some catching up to do :O
    You know the saying "some things get better with age"? Well power supplies are definately not one of those things. The good news is if it is well built and allowed proper heat dissapation the loss in efficiency will be minimal.
    This is a good point. The payback should be good enough to justify the throwaway Our energy savings calculator Kessil energy calc to help you decide if the payback is worth it for you. Either way, we should have replacement parts available for some time.
    No problem. I enjoy being able to answer, so ask away....

    I'll see you in the morning
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    Jeremy: Have you spoken to Brent about LED's? Or about anything that can go into a reef tank? All he cares about are Butterfly fish! And really hot peppers.
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    You forgot vlamingis. Dexter hates BAR anyways ;)
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    Dexter hates everyone. If he hates you enough to be worth mentioning, I figure you are probably doing something right! :)
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    Do I really have to create a Facebook account? Oh man, my wife started to get jealous of someone I have not seen in 20 years so I cancelled the account for good; guess creating a fictitious account might work hu?
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    I searched for a fb page and didn't find one so hmmm.

    Total efficiency goes way up if it's free! :)
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    So long have to post twice :p
    Keep an eye on our facebook page as we might start another contest when we get in more stock.
    Sounds good to me. I will either stop by in the next couple of days or in the begining of April as I will be in Colorado next week.
    One of the goals of Kessil is to offer high quality cutting edge tech at prices that allow more to enjoy the main benifits. The driver for the current A150 will not allow for an external controler, however our DiCon lighting Fiberlamp found here Architectural unit though these units can get quote pricey ($800-850 retail).
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    Remember I'm doing this for supplemental illumination to extend viewing hours. Someday I'll go for flux but that's a different kettle of fish. Light us very very blue, more so than expected. I can pretty evenly illuminate the tank (4' wide) with the light suspended about 17". That would be way too high typically.


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    Thanks, running around town today was going to search from a real computer later but I appreciate the link.
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    I just went to their website :D
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    I saw a couple kessils in action at Neptunes Aquatics. Check it out guys.
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    +1, I saw them at Neptune's, the eye appeal was very nice, great shimmer & colors.
  14. Gonzo

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    Anyone seen these in action and can offer a comparison to RBs?
  15. anathema

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    I went into 6th Ave since they were mentioned as having one but I didn't seeit on display. They were really busy so i didn't ask specifically for it, possibly I just missed it. Will stop by again sometime as my GF lives very close to 6th.

    Which color temp are stores getting as the sample?
  16. kessilman

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    15,000k is what we have at the stores.

    If it isnt over a tank, I suggest asking to see it. David was the one I spoke to and he said he would be glad to show people even before they set it up.

    Let me know if you have any trouble.
  17. Vincerama2

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    OK, guys, so post BAYMAC, what did you think?

    I really liked the ~30W power consumption, so 3 of them would be 100W versus the insane power that my current MH's use. I also liked the 7-8 year lifespan versus changing MH bulbs once a year at $60+ per bulb! (60 x 3 = $180 per year, x 7 years = $1260 vs ~$300 x 3 = $900 for LEDs).

    If I didn't already have some MH fixtures I'd jump on them (or any other LED) and I still might, but I'd like to hear other opinions, now that we've all seen these great lights, and had them over the BAR tank!

  18. rygh

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    I checked them out fairly carefully, and must say I rather liked them.
    Color spectrum seems quite good - better than most, but still not "perfect" to someone really picky.
    No color banding.
    Build quality seemed very good.
    Fan was totally quiet.
    Nice small form factor.

    No PWM control, so dawn/dusk is an issue.
    With 30W in a single point, expect some spotting and shadows.

    Definitely a lot better than most of the LED products out there!
  19. Vincerama2

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    What is PWM? I'm assuming it's some kind of dimming or something?

  20. sfsuphysics

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    Vince: Yeah one type of dimming capability.

    But they did look nice, and I really dug the compact size. I grabbed one of them at the end of the day, and it was just a bit warm (expected as it had active cooling).

    Not too crazy about the 15k bulb, great for a frag tank showing off fluorescent colors, not terribly pleasing as a "daylight" bulb.. but everyone differs in their desire, Jeremy did say he'll be testing out the growth rates of the 15k though, so I'm holding him to that! :D The 10k bulb did give a nice white version though that was nice.

    Didn't notice the fan myself, however not sure if I would have, it was really loud in there, and from personal experience, tiny fans typically have a very high pitched sound, however they may have knocked the speed down so it's not an issue.

    Only 7-8 years life span? I thought LEDs typically were higher... that said however as Vince pointed out, replacement cost of bulbs could very easily make them worth wild.

    Some cons I noticed
    Lack of dimming - however if you make these the "sun" and fill in with some wide angle leds as your dawn dusk that could work.
    Lack of optics/lenses - so you can't mount these too high off the tank, however the Kessil guy did say that might be an option in the future
    Proprietary connector on the "standard laptop" adapter!!! - grrrr going the direction of EcoTech and charging $50 for something which costs $25? (assuming you don't know how to swap out power connectors :D)
    Super small size - con you say? Yeah I can see my dumbass holding one of these over the tank and having it slip out of my hands into the tank!

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