KnopC Calcium Reactor

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by xcaret, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Years ago I bought this little reactor, played with it but ended not using it; I had plans for it inside my 70g Peninsula build (that still sits in the basement)
    If you want to give a Calcium Reactor a try without the expense of buying one, you are welcome to it, CATCH is if you don't find it useful or just want to go a different route, or are done with it, I get it back.
    I have some media for it as well, fine aragonite, also, have a CO2 tank that I believe still has gas in it; if that was not attractive enough, have also a regulator/solenoid. Basically you will need a pH controller and some glycerin for the bubble counter.
    Reactor is small and suitable I'd say for up to 120g tanks but let's be more conservative and dial it down to 90.
  2. What regulator do you have? I just bought the same reactor but still need a regukatir
  3. If no one else wants it, can I give it a try?
  4. xcaret

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    Can't recall the brand, JBJ maybe, nothing fancy.
  5. xcaret

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    Sure thing

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