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  1. so their body structure allows them to get into those that makes a lot of sense!
  2. The name Dachshund actually means Badger Dog. They were bred as badger hunters and are an incredible genetically modified organism that makes them perfect for their function. The long, low body allows them to go deep into badger dens to corner the badger. Their jaws are one of the strongest in the canine family allowing them to lock on. They are both ground and air scent trackers with one of the better noses in the hound category. Feet are broad and legs strong to dig in and open the dens as well as pull Badger all the way out of it's den. The tail is thick and strong so the hunter can grab hold and pull the dog out :) They have a very loud, deep bark to freeze prey (when hunting deer and boar.) They are also the most stubborn animal on earth and do not give up. Pretty cool dogs. Note -- they didn't use miniatures to hunt Badgers or boars, but they have all the same qualities. The Dachshunds used are the Standard size dachshunds (like mine) that range from 25-32 pounds for adult males and are all muscle.
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    wait.. i came here for copperband... and now we talking dogs?
  5. We're multitasking.
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    Beagles specifically
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