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    Sponsor Type: Local Fish Store


    Address: 1238 N. 5th St. San Jose, CA 95112

    Exact Building Location:

    NeptunesMap.jpg Click to Enlarge!

    Forum Contact: @robert4025

    Phone Number: 408-288-5624

    Hours of Operation:
    • Monday to Friday : 11:00 - 7:00 pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 - 6:00 pm
    • Livestock and Equipment Sales
    • Offers Premixed Saltwater. RO/DI Water.
    • Aquarium Maintenance/Set Up Services
    "Neptune Aquatics has been around since 1999 and has been serving the freshwater cichlid hobbyist community with rare and high-quality livestock from Lake Taganyika, Malawi, Victoria, and other various areas. What begin as a store specializing in shell-dwellers, we have since expanded our selections to include specimens from the Great Rift Lake of Africa ranging from Altolamprologous to Xenotilapia and everything else in between! We are also now proud to say that we are one of the premier shop in the area to offer top-notch dang good-looking corals! We're probably one of the fewer stores that still actually cherry-pick our corals... Seriously, we literally drive down to our suppliers on a 16 hours round-trip every month to pick out our stuff! All our frags are fully encrusted, healed, and ready to rock on in your tank! Beginning in late 2010, we have begun slowly adding freshwater aquatic plants to our systems. With it, we have expanded our drygoods selection to include equipments and supplements for those hobbyist including ADA products and CO2 equipments. A lot of cool and compatible fishes and inverts have been added to our freshwater selection to accommodate a planted aquarium environment.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to provide the best and friendliest service around and to empower and spread our collective knowledge with fellow hobbyists. We are very passionate hobbyist just like you so we understand how difficult it is when trying to select specimens that goes together and especially when purchasing them, so we try our best to provide high quality and sustainable livestocks as well as competitive prices. We're constantly on the look out for unique corals to add to the "Neptune's Collection". We'll make sure you are informed about the animals and goods that you purchased and not simply sell you something just to make a quick buck. We like to think of our store's progression as an evolution as such: Crack in the wall (Cichlids) --> Hole in the wall (+Corals) --> Freakin' Black Hole, baby (+Online Store) --> Super Dimensional Space Fortress (+Aquatics Plants)!!"

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  2. robert4025

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  3. zepplock

    zepplock Guest

    You guys should say somewhere that you are closed on Wed. Drove all the way there with Vincerama2 and was told "we are closed today"
  4. zambavi

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  5. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    Wow, who can even notice that when there are those amazing coral pictures on the other side of the screen! Dang, might have to go back on a non-Wednesday!

  6. phishphood

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    It's worth it V.
  7. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    It was worth my drive out :) I'll probably head back there in a month or so
  8. A_Lee

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    Went there from SF today and it was closed :(
  9. Elite

    Elite Guest

    They close on Wed. I guess you didn't see Vince's post. Always call if you not sure about their schedule. ;) .. You can see their store hours on their website too.
  10. Cerissa

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    Hey Guys! I'll post on here as well our store hours just incase you guys get distracted on our website... :8)

    M-F: 12pm to 8pm
    Wednesdays: Closed (Appt. only)
    **Wednesday is usually used for maintenance and ship outs. So I will be in and out of the store all day 'til about 5pm. If you don't mind
    the chaos at the store, you are welcome to stop by if I am around. Just call or look for my car outside.** ;)
    Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 6pm
  11. Gomer

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    ya, knowing the times is good, otherwise you might just randomly decided to go there after a hike and end up to a closed store..and get lucky to run into cerissa at just the right moment. could happen! :p
  12. Cerissa

    Cerissa Sponsor

    lmao!!!! ;) ;) :p

    Tony!!!! You got sooooooooo lucky, Buddy! I tell ya! hahahhaha!

    You made me jump though cuz it was dark outside and at the entrance room and the office was nice and bright. So when you showed up with your shadow, I had to look twice. :O
  13. Cerissa

    Cerissa Sponsor

    lmao!!!! ;) ;) :p

    Tony, you got soooooooooo lucky, Buddy! hahahhaa!!!

    You made me jump was dark outside already and the entrance room was dark.. but the office was nice and bright. So when you showed up at the door, I had to look twice to make sure it was you and not a ghost. :O
  14. Cerissa

    Cerissa Sponsor

    I seem to run into many customers on Wednesday right before I head to the airport...but I can't let them in cuz I have to lock the doors. sigh**

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