Nudibranch for Aptasia

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by CookieJar, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Vincerama2

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    Dude, if you want scraped large aiptasia, I'll give you a bunch.

    I did an Aiptasia X carpet bombing and now I have a the same amount, but now small rings of smaller ones.

  2. CookieJar

    CookieJar Guest

    I have scraped off a few aptasia and put them into a plastic container in my frag tank. I've seen 1 big one survive just fine in the container. I might have 2-3 more in the container that are still alive. Unforutnately there are more in my big tank to harvest for the container, so I should be able to get more in there and give you at the next BAR meeting. that's my goal at least.
  3. zeroinverse

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    Thanks guys!

    I have a batch or two of hatched babies but I need to get them big enough to share. Right now they are like a dust speck you can barely tell are moving.
  4. Hello I am new to your club and have been reading about aptasia, I have a ton of them and they keep popping up. I have been trying to get the green bubble alege out of this tank. Have lots of coral and these aptasia are like doing something to the coral cause my frags are dying one by one. I have emerald grabs in there and a peppermint ship and nothing is working. Any advise?

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  5. zeroinverse

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    Get copperband if you can keep it alive, use kalkwasser or Joe's juice, or berghias (hard to get critical mass)...

    And peppermints if they are trained to eat aiptasia. Some are look-alikes that fon't eat aiptasia.
  6. How could I tell them from look alikes?

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  7. HiFidelity

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    If you have a quarantine tank you can train them to eat Aiptasia, I can explain it to you if you choose to go that route, but it does take at least a couple of weeks before you can use them...
  8. I may take u up ok that offer. Having to sell my quarantine tank. Due to moving and wife making me downsize.

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  9. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    You know, I've been trying Aiptasia-X. It does work on some, but in the past month, I've used it on HUGE aiptasia or Majano (how can you tell the difference?) and they just "come back" after a day or two.

    I was going to try Joes Juice, but my two bottles are just calcium encrusted empties. So I took some pickling lime/kalk and mixed it into a paste just liquid enough to squeeze though a syringe, then I added some salt to it (I had read Joes Juice was just kalk + salt + water). I put some on the aiptaisa/majano and ... Holy Crap! It worked!

    It's been two weeks now and the mega-aipt/majs are gone! Sure, I've got lots of other ones, but I was really impressed that this stuff worked.

    Maybe it's best to do a rotation of killer methods. Kalk-paste/Joes/Aipt-X/whatever.

    I've also read that sodium hydroxide (ie Rooto drain opener) works as well, but the instructions I've found on it's use are terrifying.

    Wow, if you have kalk/pickling lime, give the paste + salty water (tank?) a try before buying any other specialty products which are, in all likelyhood, variations of kalk-paste.

    I'm not sure about now, but Walmart this year carried a lot of pickling lime, it might be out of season now though. I bought a bunch of it for < $3/pound.
  10. Tenny

    Tenny Supporting Member


    Top is Manjano lower is Aiptasia.

    My two that I've found are starting to grow bigger. Just they are in the hardest places to reach of course!
  11. Vincerama2

    Vincerama2 Evil Overlord

    OK, so then I have Aiptasia! I was thinking that Aiptasia-X wasn't working because they were majano, and now I realize it's just beacuse Aiptasia-X doesn't work on Aiptasia ... though I'm sure it worked in the past. It's sticky so it's good to get the ones on vertical surfaces.

    Well, rotating "products" seems to help. Or maybe just constantly assaulting them will work.

  12. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    For me, it has not not been the chemical as much as the application.
    The really key thing in killing Aptasia: IF THEY RETRACT, YOU LOSE.

    As soon as they retract into the rock, any chemicals you managed to get on them are squirted right off.
    And putting chemicals over the holes does little.
    The actual mass of an Aptasia is tiny, they can hide in tiny holes.
    And they seem fine and happy waiting in their tiny hole until that gooey mess you put on dissolves away in a few hours.

    My trick is to gently squirt a bit into the mouth. Enough to cover the plate, to where tentacles start.
    If you get it right, and it sits there for a few minutes like that, they are toast, 100%.
    If not, they always seem to come back, so try again next week.

    I generally use Joe's Juice, and keep it in the fridge.
    I have a majano wand as well. Works, if done right, but not all that great.

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