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  1. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    From Jay who hangs out at OT.
    I was in the right place at the right time to get this pair.
  2. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Did he breed them or are they true Pic's from ORA?
  3. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Geeze, Jon. I've only seen Rhinopercs in the wild. Nice find!
  4. Factor-5

    Factor-5 Guest

    lol. Why do those fish have ears?
  5. Erick

    Erick Guest

    so they can hear.. duh :p
  6. kinetic

    kinetic Webmaster

    they look like ears from a sea hare!
  7. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member


    He has been working at genentech on these though i think?????
    Although he told me not to say anything. :D
  8. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member


    or these platinum $600 on CL wow!
  9. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    I didn't want to be the evil "Dude you need those clowns" when you were there but glad you got them they were very nice.
  10. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Does your Maroon need a friend?
    I have one to find a home for.

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