Purple firefish

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    WCKDVPR Guest

    Hi All,

    Our tank cover from artfully acrylic is shipping this week, so it is time we get a purple firefish into quarantine. This is my wife's first pick for inhabitants. Recommendations on where to purchase a healthy fish would be greatly appreciated. Local or on line is fine, just want the highest quality/health.

  2. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    Where are you located?

    WCKDVPR Guest

    S. San Jose, but happy to drive anywhere in the Bay Area for a good fish. I ordered my paired clowns from sustainable aquatics in TN and that was a good experience, so not afraid to order on line from a quality retailer.
  4. RandyC

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    Aquatic collection usually have a bunch of purple firefish available. You can give them a call or Facebook message them to check before driving all that way.

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    WCKDVPR Guest

    Thanks. We also need to pick up some type of bright purple coral (not a monti) as we are kind of missing that in our tank, so I need to hit some LFS's in any case. I'll give them a call.

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