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Red Table Acro

Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by tankguy, Jan 31, 2017.

Red Table Acro
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0 days
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  • IMG_0146.JPG
  • tankguy
    1. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      this came to me from Kris in Pacifica who picked it up from Coral Reefer. Located in Hayward. Must be a supporting member who participates in dbtc. Pic quality is poor IMG_0146.JPG
      WrightReef likes this.
    2. Newjack

      Newjack Supporting Member

      I'd like to be considered for this guy.
    3. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      Your the winner Newjack
    4. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      Technically this is an old chain started by @JAR but I believe the forum software switchover lost the old data.
    5. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      frag coral is lost but there is a tiny bit of life left that I didn't see. Other frag is growing out and if this one is a loss then i can replace it soon
    6. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      I Am picking up a large colony from Kris today as he is rescaling his tank some. Should have a good amount of frags. They need to be picked up in sf. The sooner the better.
    7. kinetic

      kinetic Webmaster

      I'll take a piece Mike! If you're going to @Kensington Reefer 's tomorrow, could you bring it for me?
    8. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      What size?
    9. Best post ever! Now I know I don't take the worst pictures ever!

      And Mike I'd love a piece.I'll let you stroke my Masterflex.
    10. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      Did you ever get a piece?
    11. kinetic

      kinetic Webmaster

      A big piece would be good! This will be one of the three SPS I'm going to have in the tank.
    12. Kensington Reefer

      Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

      Hey Mike
      if there's a piece of this...me too!
      many thanks in advance
    13. dochou

      dochou Guest

      Hi, I'd like a piece of this too! Are there any left?
    14. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      Do you have a tank journal?
    15. Wlachnit

      Wlachnit Vice President

      Hey Mike, if you have any leftover, I’ll take a piece.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    16. kinetic

      kinetic Webmaster

      Unfortunately the piece that you brought over to Erin's didn't make it. I was going to pick it up but it had turned into soup by then. Bummer! Sorry about that Mike.
    17. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

    18. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      Are you gonna make the meeting?
    19. kinetic

      kinetic Webmaster

      Unfortunately I won't be able to make the meeting =( Maybe someone in my area who's going I could pick up from in the evening? @ashburn2k @Kensington Reefer ?
    20. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      i can't i have to work that day.

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