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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Thales, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Well, maybe soon. But, here are some pics of a new member!

    Important note - this is not a recommended species. Their numbers in the wild seem to be going down, and they are not a beginner animal. There is also evidence that they are toxic both in bite and in flesh. Luckly, they are also expensive and hard to ship, so they shouldn't flood the hobby. I urge anyone interested in them to not buy them unless they are experienced with cephs and making an effort to breed them.

    This one came from Japan so it is prolly M. tullbergi

    It ate within 5 minutes of being in the tank (and again this morning), and doesn't seem scared of anything, so no spectacular displays yet.

    Haven't determined the sex yet.



  2. jkreefer

    jkreefer Guest

    Sweet Rich, beutiful colors. What do you feed them?
  3. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    So sad that their lifespan is on the order of a year :(
  4. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Damn, that sucker is a beauty. BTW, what kind of sand is that?
  5. Paradox

    Paradox Guest


    Im still trying to get eggs!!!
  6. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Right now its snacking on live mysis and live shore shrimp from Florida.
    The substrate is a mix of mineral mud and fiji mud - its my version of 'muck'.
    Eggs seem to be hard to find, if ever. :D You know I am on the hunt too.
  7. LordHelmet

    LordHelmet Supporting Member

    Very nice one rich.

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