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  1. Scarbird

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    I think the color is not coming in as clear from the photo, as well as the lighting.
    I wanted to share my qt method and encourage feedback.
    The tank is 20 gal plexiglass with an overflow (to drain) at around 11 inches. This provides about 13.5 gallons. There in one piece of live rock with algae on it as well as heater, sponge filter and pic for hiding spot.
    My main display has automated water change of 7 gallons a day. Instead of this water going to drain, it is redirected into the QT, so it gets approx 50% fresh water each day. I check the salinity daily and add about 1/2 cup rodi.
    I have not decided whether to use any medicine "just in case".
    Please provide recommendations.
  2. Scarbird

    Scarbird Supporting Member

  3. Flagg37

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    He still looks pretty black to me but the method seems good to me. Personally I would only use meds if you see signs that they're needed but there are plenty of people who medicate regardless.
  4. Enderturtle

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    I recommend Prazipro as an effective medication for treatment regardless of signs.

    Prazipro is effective against flukes and internal parasites.

    Use in a quarantine tank. Harmful to feather dusters.

    You said you are using water from your tank to do water changes for your quarantine tank so you assuming your main tank is "clean" which is fine. Its what I do too.
  5. aqua-nut

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    Nice fish even if it does look like a black tang with a grafted yellow tail! :D

    I'd do at least a couple of courses of Prazi and tank transfer to rule out Ich.

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