Sears has a Craftsman 5.0 Amp Jig Saw for $32

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Jeremy Chew, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Jeremy Chew

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  2. sfsuphysics

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    Be careful with that, people who use jigsaws to frag corals use table mounted ones not handheld ones. You do not want the teeth of your blade to catch and then throw your arm and then next thing you know you're fragging your hand.

    Strangely enough I saw my neighbor across the street cutting a plank by holding the plank and using his circular saw to zip through it... something my father would do (and I'm amazed he's still alive)
  3. ashburn2k

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    IMHO cutting coral with one hand is really really hard. And that thing has too much impact comparing to the table saw

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  4. RandyC

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    I could never imagine cutting any coral with a hand held jigsaw. What do you do, nail it down or use a vice grip to hold it? Need a video to see this kind of craziness.
  5. Flagg37

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    There are definitely better tools to frag with since the jigsaw would present several difficulties. First, you would want to use a diamond blade not a wood blade. Second, there will be a lot of heat from the friction so it would be best to have water running over it. Third, the blade cuts on the upward motion as it is drawn up into the saw. That means the coral (if on top of the rock) will get squished between the rock and the foot of the saw. I’m sure this is why most probably turn the saw upside down. You can still cut handheld upside down but it takes some practice. Last, you need to cut fairly thin pieces. Because the blade moves in and out you should only cut pieces that are thinner than the length of the blade when it protrudes from the saw the least amount.

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