Using Plexiglass scrap as frag plugs

Discussion in 'Propagation' started by aqua-escaping, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys
    Fragging zoas off ceramic disk isnt as easy as i thought. Is it possible to use scrap plastic from TAPS plastic as my frag plug? My thought will be to grow my colonies on a flat sheet then when it comes time to frag it would be easy to cut and scrape off with a blade since its smooth and not pourous. Whats your thoughts?
  2. Piper

    Piper Guppy

    Should be just fine. That actually sounds like a really good idea. There are a couple of vendors that make acrylic plugs now but probably a little to small for what you're thinking. Post some pics!
  3. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    I actually have the Pro frag plugs from Matt at Aqua Exotic and was thinking of grouping them together consecutively on a frag rack so that when it came time to actual fragging, I'd just separate them by their individual frag plugs. However, using acrylic may be a comparable idea. :)

    BAYMAC Guest

    You must have read Matt's article in RHM where he talks about that as a feature :)
  5. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    I actually didn't see his article until you mentioned it but I did recall him talking about that when I first saw them. I passed by AE this past Saturday and asked if Matt was still making them but it didn't seem like Matt had been there lately. I hope to get a hold of him to see if he's still having them made because I'd prefer to use those frag plugs than anything else out there.

    BAYMAC Guest

    He's not there on the weekends usually. If you catch him there then, it means the other Matt got a rare weekend off.

    Matt is still making them and is ramping up production. Pm me with your email, I'll connect you with Matt.
  7. jyg

    jyg Guest

    I generally use a knife, dikes or bone cutters to cut the frag plug out from under the animal, leaving a layer of plug material. Which tool I use depends on the type of coral, the material of the plug and the angles I'll have to cut at. Once I have this layer of plug material, I can use glue/putty between that and the destination LR. It takes a bit of precision work, but it not really difficult and I think its a lot safer for the animals than what I used to do which was taking an xacto and slicing the animal as low as possible off the plug. I fragged a few magician palys for a friend the other morning, just as described, and they were open in his tank the next day.

  8. gimmito

    gimmito Guest

    Pics would be nice. :)
  9. svk

    svk Guest

    If its plastic use a blade and get under tissue. Cutting plastic sucks....Prefer ceramic.

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