Where to get a tank cover?

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    Hi All,

    My wife really wants a purple firefish and I understand they are jumpers. Where does one get a custom tank cover made and what are the best materials to have it made out of? I have a 24" x 60" top with 4" eurobracing all around, making the opening 16" x 52".


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  2. roostertech

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    BRS sells frame/net kit to DYI cover. It works pretty well for me. My firefish bounceed off the net 3 times in the first minute going in the tank.

    Or if you want to shell out more coin. Look up artfully acrylic custom lids.

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  3. sfsuphysics

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    The big box stores sell the plastic to assemble your own "window screen" fairly easy to cut to size and snap it all together. Then look for a "bird netting" in the garden section, works great as it doesn't block much light, however there always in the chance that a fish can fit through a 1/4" hole it will find a way.

    Another option is to make a polycarbonate (not acrylic) lid, Polycarbonate is stronger and tends to sag much less than acrylic. Also has the added advantage of trapping in moisture (advantage if you don't want all that evaporated water in your house). Or you could do a sheet of tempered glass, Mike (CoralReefer) does that.
  4. I'm going with an Artfully Acrylic lid for the new wrasse tank.

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    Thanks all!
  6. Gablami

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    +1 Artfully acrylic. My advice is to have more feed openings than you think you need. It's always easier to use a long tong or grasper through the hole than taking the whole lid off. Make sure you're not gonna add anything else to the rim of the tank, like a fan or an autofeeder that may need to be accounted for.

    It takes them awhile to build it, so place your order sooner rather than later.

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    WCKDVPR Supporting Member

    Thanks. I just ordered an artfully acrylic with multiple feed doors. My tank is eurobraced, so any additional add-ons will be slightly more complex than a rimless.
  8. By polycarbonate, does Lexan count?

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    Lexan is polycarbonate.
  10. And expensive!
  11. Gablami

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    Actually contrary to their name, the artfully acrylic clear view lids are polycarbonate, not acrylic.

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  12. Artfully Polycarbonate just doesn't have the same sexy ring to it.
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  13. Flagg37

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    Right, Lexan is the brand name, like plexiglass and acrylic, or Kleenex and tissues.
  14. Sweet! That's what I got over my tank right now
  15. tankguy

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    We just made one from Home Depot. Cheap and does the job
  16. Flagg37

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    What’s yours look like? Did you make it?
  17. sfsuphysics

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    I used to have a box of Kleenex over my tank... but they just got too moist from the humidity.
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