Why you should never waste your money on Hydor products.

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  1. I've been in the hobby in and out since 2004. In that time, I've purchased the Hydor Water Flow Deflector. In a few months, it stopped spinning. I've purchased Hydor heaters...They never hold the correct temperature. For example, I have to adjust the dial to 71 in order to get a tank temperature of 78 degrees. This has happened on multiple heaters, a handful of Hydors. Then the pumps. Sometimes, they don't turn on, sometimes they run backwards. Bottom line, they are unreliable products.

    But this isn't the worst part. The worst part is the customer service. When you try to call them, you get nowhere. When you email them, no help. I showed them video evidence of their faulty pumps and they still haven't helped me or issued a refund. I notified them of the issue over half a year ago and to this day, the issue has not been resolved.

    Therefore, I recommend against wasting your hard-earned dollars on Hydor products. You can roll the dice and maybe get a product that won't trip up in a few months, but know that when you do have a problem, they are very unwilling to help. Especially when we've all invested so much money into our tanks, I'd hate to see someone suffer a tank crash due to a faulty 40 dollar pump. Hope this helps someone.
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    You think they are bad, try to contact Jebao. :)

    The thing is, they used to be in the middle.
    Not up there with Tunze, but not crap. Decent price, worked fairly well, and you could find replacement parts.
    Support was not great, but it existed.
    I still use the old generation Magnum powerheads, with decent success.

    But I was really annoyed by the new Gen-3 powerheads.
    The flow was terrible for the given rating. I can't say total BS without measuring it but ....
    And very susceptible to jamming with just a tiny bit of calcium buildup.
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  3. omg Jebao lol. That almost goes without saying....I never heard of nothing worth anything that go by the name of Jebao. Jebao translated is Chinese for "Sucker buy" or "Buy at your own risk!" Hydor has gone downhill so much that it really is in competition with Jebao in the race to the bottom. Thanks for sharing, Mark.

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