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  1. yourcraig

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    JBJ Rimless 8G all-in-one (I would recommend it!)
    Custom 3/8" glass top
    Stock filtration for now (Mechanical Sponge, Activated Carbon Sponge, Biological Ceramic Rings)
    LT 9X3W, purple, blue, 10K ($72 on eBay!)
    Tetra 50W heater, fixed 78F
    SG 1.025
    pH 8.2
    Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates absent
    Calcium 380 ppm (supplementing with B-Ionic 2 part)
    Carbonate 7 dKH (supplementing with B-Ionic 2 part)
    Magnesium 1650 (overshot Kent Marine Tech M Magnesium)
    Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
    Arag-Alive Bahama's Oolite DSB

    Blue Acro
    Orange Eye Blue Chalice
    Candy Cane (unique pure yellow color)
    Orange Shroom
    Rainbow Shrooms (fragged to 3 will add to DBTC eventually)
    Clove Polyps
    Green Plays
    Misc Zoas
    Strawberry Crab
    Peppermint Shrimp

    Transferred sand, rocks, stock over from an established Aqueon Evolve 8 (learned I am not an acrylic fan). Past experience running a successful JBJ 24G for 7 years before a move to bay area (early adopter).

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  2. Enderturtle

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    Cool cool finally did a tank journal I see. Looks good. Is that bryopsis or hair algae? Im currently battling hair algae myself. If this big water change doesnt produce results im switching to synthetic Real Reef Rock.
  3. yourcraig

    yourcraig Guest

    Thanks! I think it is some of both, also there is also something I call Mermaid's Wineglass although that is probably mislabeled. The algae is coming under control quickly since I got rid of the fish. I could turn the lights way down from the 12 hours I am currently running, but am not that worried about it. I'd rather let it burn itself out. I have a healthy population of 'pods and snails as a result, and I like watching new things pop up, even if they are types of algae. I think the magnesium helped some, and the only next step I am thinking of taking is to switch to distilled only for my top offs. Surely someone in the club has tested South Bay (SJWC) tap water for phosphorus? It isn't in their annual water quality report.

  4. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    May wanna use some gfo or other phosphate remover and or test for it. 12 hours is a long photoperiod IMO as well.
    Welcome to the club.
  5. HiFidelity

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    RODI a must
  6. yourcraig

    yourcraig Guest

    Alrighty. I got BRS GFO, Seachem's "The Bag" o_O, and an API Phosphate test kit on order. I also bought distilled water. For an 8G nano, a buck a gallon isn't a big deal.

    Correction, after reading reviews from multiple brands and sources, it seems the Phosphate test kits are useless at the levels we need to shoot for (unless I want to spend as much on a Hanna as I did on the tank), and it is better to just empirically watch the results. I still like my Mg, dKH, and Ca kits though. They seem very repeatable and respond to dosing.
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