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    Kessil lighting options

    I control my two 360s on separate var-speed ports. Because I've been to lazy to set up anything different, I have them on the same ramp schedule. I haven't noticed any disparity between the two. Sent from my GT-I9505G using Tapatalk
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    Mystery Monti

    Frag growing out nicely:
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    Konkers' 40 gal stretch hex

    I used the Apex and a few pumps. Configuring it was pretty convoluted due to the Apex's limited programming abilities. I've been meaning to write a post about how I set it up. For branching and tabling SPS I can clip of a piece in place. For encrusting SPS and LPS I've been gluing to a...
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    Konkers' 40 gal stretch hex

    Since I last updated I've added a pair of Bangaii Cardinalfish and many corals. My first DBTC is growing out nicely. On the equipment side, I've added a 24" blue Reef Bright and set up automated water changes. Here's some pics starting with a FTS: Kryptonite Candy Cane growing out...
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    BAYMAC - Volunteers Needed

    I can also help with breakdown/cleanup.
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    Reef Demon

    Jacob, right now it's not really in a state to use unless you are familiar with AVR development. I've been working on some UI code. Once it's a bit more usable, I'll post instructions on how to upload it to your reef angel. Cheers, Erik
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    Banggai Pregnant?

    The Banggai that I've always assumed was female (the one getting it's butt sniffed by the other) is looking a bit rotund today. Full belly or pregnant?
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    Reef Demon

    I want to preface this with a note that I'm not upset. I certainly harbor no ill will towards you nor do I have ideas that you are trying to stifle anything to do with either of the two projects. I've run conferences before and understand the huge amount of work that goes into them and the...
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    Reef Demon

    It's unfortunate that a discussion of DIY projects is considered competition but it's your show.
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    Reef Demon

    Sorry for dropping the acronym bomb. In tech conferences Birds of a feather sessions are informal discussions on various topics. They're great ways for interested parties to meet up and share experiences. Often a separate room is reserved and topics can be pre-arranged of assigned on the fly...
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    Reef Demon

    Well... one of the many features I haven't done is setting the clock ;) Does BAYMAC have BOFs? Maybe we should do a DIY controller BOF.
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    DBTC - Rainbow Monti

    I'd love a frag. I just turned 32 and since that's not an option how about half that at #16. :party:
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    Who has the Reef Angel controller?

    I don't think there are many of us who have the hardware yet. Roberto's still waiting on a few more components to come in. I haven't played with his software because I'm developing my own for it. That being said, the hardware seems pretty solid. If you're the hacker type and don't mind...
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    Reef Demon

    You can go order one from Roberto right now at . I know he's waiting a few more components to arrive before being ready to ship them out. I think it will be several weeks before I have anything that's alpha testable. Once I'm ready, I'd love to have...
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    Reef Demon

    I'm still mulling what model I want to use for programmability. The big question in my mind is if I want to make it programmable w/o the usb cable. I'll have support for the usual things like heater control, timers (for things like lights, dosers, etc), ato top off. One of my pet...