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    DBTC - "Sunkist" Bounce

    I actually got one already so I think I’m good for now.
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    Check out this build I am working on...

    I was getting like 17-19 tds in castro valley but just checked again and it went up to 40 tds.
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    DBTC - Sunkist Bounce

    i'm still interested.
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    Thesassyindian's 13.5 gallon m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶p̶i̶t̶ nano mixed reef

    that red frag you got from me is a branching red cyphastrea coral.
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    DBTC: Rainbow Ricordea Yuma

    I might do this. Now to get a handful of crushed coral.
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    Blue/yellow Yuma

    I’ll be there too.
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    Free reef friendly fish

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    Twisted Purple Frogspawn

    I can too.
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    Copper and Tang in QT. Need advise

    I might just try some fresh water dips see if that helps. But maybe I will try Praziquantel. It’s only my clown fish that have signs of black ich.
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    Copper and Tang in QT. Need advise

    I’m in Castro valley so really close to you.
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    Copper and Tang in QT. Need advise

    Does anyone here have spare copper solution. I have 3 fish with black ich that i wanna cure. Just wanted to ask before i ask the main group.
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    Free 5g jugs

    I can pick one up on friday.
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    Fragging a leather coral, anyone want a large show piece?

    I’m interested also in a frag.
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    DBTC: Green tipped thin branched frogspawn

    Thank you again. Looks really good in my tank.
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    Free Rose Bubble Tip Anenome

    I can pick it up