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    Opinions on Reef Brite XHO-K30's?

    I liked them and would buy them again. I felt it gave the corals a good pop. I’d buy them again
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    Rostatos Reefer 450

    I’ll be following Chris
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    Bob Fenner

    Not always. My mom went out that way taking an afternoon nap on the couch. Nobody knew anything until they tried to wake her up for dinner
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    Bob Fenner

    That’s how I’d like to go
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    Bob Fenner

    Saw this the other day. Seen him a few times. Great speaker and funny.
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    To hard for me to tell
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    Galoot's 220...

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    Bubblegum Digi

    Good to hear
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    Bubblegum Digi

    Yes I gave it to him and he took his tank down shortly after getting it
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    Hello all...

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    Spicy Lemon Favia growing pretty fast.

    Yes they do grow fast
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    New Bar

    Welcome to the show
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    Ofzakaria Unknown plating acro

    Aint nothing wrong with unknown acro's. Looks nice and healthy
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    Hello to everyone! Glad I found this great forum!!!

    Greetings from Hayward
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    Random shots

    Great shots