DBTC: Meteor shower Cyphastrea


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So I'm kinda excited to finally start one of these. I just cut my first coral ever and now I have 2 frags of meteor shower.
Standard rules apply (I'm just going to copy and paste from a different thread)

2 pieces back in before swapping or anything else with it.
Prefer people not take this that want to sell it later, enjoy and share.
Priority to myself and anyone else that completes a link in this chain.
Please have a tank journal, and update once or twice a year. Pics a plus!


Unless the colors are way off in the OP’s pic that’s not a meteor shower but another type of cyphastrea


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Settling into its new home. Looking forward to it opening up in the next day or so. Will post a pic once it feels more comfortable and less camera shy. Thx @Srt4eric for the nice piece and congrats on your FIRST FRAG DONATION! I hope to get there soonish.

To be clear, DBTC is not a donation. He will need it back if his piece die or he wants a frag back for whatever reason. That’s what DBTC is intended for. Not a free giveaway coral.

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