Neptune Aquatics

DBTC: Splatter hammer

Is it from the same lineage?
Unknown. It looks exactly the same.
Is your Barcard up to date? Because if so I would certainly take a dragon soul frag. The Frogspawn is doing well.
That’s great to hear. I lost about half my Dragon Soul colony recently (it’s a touchy one) so I’m letting it stabilize before giving out more frags of it in case that’s all I have left. I’ll probably be giving out more to folks experienced with torches pretty soon though.

I’m going to bring several other DBTC frags for the DBTC table on Saturday too.
Unknown. It looks exactly the same. View attachment 47485
I agree it’s probably the same based on appearance. If you think you got it from me at some point (I’ve been bringing it to all the swaps etc for several years), then I can add you to this DBTC thread. If you got it elsewhere our normal procedure would be to start a new DBTC with it in case it is different despite appearances.

If you’d like me to add you I’m happy to. The easiest way is for me to say I gave you a frag, and then you can share your available frags within this chain.
I will be bringing some for DBTC to the swap. You can get them from the DBTC table, or if you want me to set one aside I can.
That’s very generous, I will just hope to get one from the DBTC table. I’m sure you will have a lot on your plate. I will see you there.